Nuit Blanche Toronto

Christian was a selected headliner visual artist for Nuit Blanche Toronto, one of North Americas biggest annual art festivals. The piece titled ‘fLUXE’ was a digital live interactive installation on a 100 ft. x 33 ft. LED screen in which the viewers became the artists by selecting ‘artist brushes’ via tablets, & smart phones. Christians brush was a 30 layered digital piece from a series of 4 paintings as showing below. Once a brush was selected a cursor would appear on the LED screen and the viewer would be able to move the brush with their device. As the cursor moved layers of the artist’s work would be moved creating a unique piece of art. Once the participant was satisfied with the piece they would upload the art into a database which was also available to be printed on site. Christians digitized paintings were from of a previous show ‘the artillerist,’ in which Wii controllers were used to shoot layers onto digital canvas’s hanging in a gallery show also found below. Visit the URL to learn more about the iconic art festival. Project Creative Director; Steve Di Lorenzo.

  • Role Headliner Featured Artist
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