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'Commercial Painting, Design, Large Scale Public Art Works, & Art - That's what your team has been doing for over 25 years' - Christian Toth


Your team of 'Christian Toth' has rapidly expanded into the world of Commercial Painting and Design with a focus on large scale exteriors of all surface types such as aluminum, metal, concrete, stucco, and others. This outgrowth has been a natural evolution stemming from existing and new client requests building upon the companies undertone of expert proven deliveries of large scale public art works. Selected recent iconic client commercial painting & design deliveries include a 35,000 sqft. exterior brand new facility in Burnside Industrial Park, Nova Scotia for publicly traded Novonix, a sister site in Bedford Industrial park of 30,000 sqft., & a 25,000 sqft. exterior for the new headquarters of BMC Bespoke Motor Company in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.


'Christian Toth' is the Director of the company and also a multifaceted visual artist. Mediums include; sculpture, painting, graffiti, murals, NFTs, multimedia, and design.

Christian is a well known and prolific graffiti writer in the world of graffiti and has painted in over 40 countries. In 2021, Christian was featured in the graffiti documentary ‘Rolling Like Thunder’ produced by Mass Appeal, and released on the major network - Showtime. Christian was also featured in the classic graffiti documentary Reefer Madness, which won best short documentary at the Denver, Colorado film festival Festivus. Christian was also interviewed and featured in a 2 page spread in ‘Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents’. The most comprehensive and bestselling survey of graffiti art ever published.

His artistic journey evolved over the years and began in the world of global street art & graffiti. Growing up Toth split his time between New York City and Halifax, and was heavily influenced by the 80s and 90s New York graffiti scene, which was the catalyst to his eventual career as a full-time artist. Christian draws inspiration from science fiction and has a significant 1960’s to 1990’s comic book & toy collection, including a nearly complete set of all of the original 1970’s & 1980’s Star Wars figures and toys. Christian is an avid collector and also actively purchases art from other artists including NFT’s. A longtime surfer, Christian surfs all year in the North Atlantic Ocean, including all winter storms and hurricanes.

Christian loves creating creative value and working with new and existing clients. Discussing with you your creative needs for new commissioned art works is welcomed. All budgets and caveats are entertained. If interested in an existing piece of art or have any related inquires please don't hesitate to contact.

Visit the brand new store actively being updated to review available art asset inventory for immediate purchase. Physical inventory is currently low due to strong demand. NFTs are actively in development and periodically released. All forms of payment are accepted including all crypto.


'Christian Toth' is a Canadian Maritimes based company. Christian is the acting project manager, lead artist, & has been actively producing a range of creative projects focused primarily on large scale visuals for twenty years.

Christian is responsible for all art development, new creative projects, managing existing relationships, project operations, working with artisans and contractors, overall creative direction, and creating himself. Experience includes working with government, small to large companies & corporations, individuals, non-profits, and teaching students of all ages privately and through schools.


“I believe the activity of creating art is the greatest form of human expression. Art is important because it has the ability to convey an individual's experience and simultaneously creates a strong connection with our greater shared consciousness. Each individuals interaction and interpretation with a work of art is unique, creating valuable experiences and helping to evolve our lives.  My artistic journey has evolved over the years, beginning in the world of global street art & graffiti and becoming a known prolific figure in the space in many countries. I naturally evolved and expanded in scope and size into vastly different media including life size bronze sculptures, significant stainless steel works, massive exterior murals on the sides of commercial buildings, iconic light works, modern multi media office installations, and more. I've realized during this process that I enjoy the challenge of learning new methods of creating, learning to understand what impact these processes have on developing my creative approach, conveying expression, and how this impacts the arts audience and their experience. My passion for creating visual art has taken me to where I am today as a full time multifaceted visual artist, allowing my experience to cultivate a repertoire of skills including as examples; drawings, paintings, furniture design, large-scale exterior installations & murals, sculptures made of materials including bronze, stainless steel, & lexan, as well as parlaying my existing body of work into the exciting new art asset space of Non Fungible Tokens - NFTs.”


1 - Commercial Painting - no restrictions
2 - Sculpture - bronze, aluminum, +, larger than life to small
3 - Paintings - all mediums & any style requirements
4 - Murals - large to small, whole buildings to room size
5 - Creative installations - no restrictions
6 - NFTs - Non Fungible Tokens - Various
7 - Commercial design - no restrictions
8 - Custom furniture - metal work, wood, +
9 - Millwork - bars, custom signage, counter tops, +
10 - Art directing - Creative event projects both permanent & live, small to large


Federal Government of Canada, Scotia Bank, City of Toronto, Province of Nova Scotia, Province of New Brunswick, MacGillivray Law, Teeple Architects, City of Halifax, Town of Sackville New Brunswick, Cape Breton University, Queens Marquis, 'Develop Nova Scotia, Electronic Arts, Catalyst Engineering, GO Transit, Bell Aliant, Parks Canada Citadel, DDBC Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, DHBC Downtown Halifax Business Commission


'Organisms' @ The Khyber Centre for the Arts, Halifax 'Urban Animals' @ Lion & Bright Gallery, Halifax
'Spray'd' @ Dart Gallery, Dartmouth
‘Metamorphosis' @ Snowball Gallery, Toronto


Archdiocese of Halifax
Bar Stillwell
Bikram Yoga Halifax
Boom Capital Toronto
BLT Rails to Trails
Catalyst Engineering
Cape Breton University
Cheese Gypsy
City of Halifax
City of Miramichi
City of Toronto
Clean Foundation
Cross Fit Kinetics
D Art Gallery
DDBC Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission
Develope Nova Scotia
DHBC Downtown Halifax Business Commission
DPL Wireless - Moncton
Electronic Arts
Ego Studios
Emera Energy
Flip Burger
Go Transit
Halifax Dance
Halifax Transportation & Public Works
Island of Misfits
IWK Health Centre
Lixar Technology - Ottawa
MacGillivray Law
Mass Appeal
MPL Business Centre
National Public Relations
Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
Parks Canada - Halifax Citadel
Queens Marquis
RNSIT International Tattoo
Roseland Theatre
Ross Creek Centre For The Arts
Sailor Jerry
Showtime Network
St. Andrew Community Centre
Teeple Architects - Toronto
Town of Sackville New Brunswick
Urbancorp - Toronto
Vapour Venue
2 Crows Brewing
357 Portland Real Estate Developments


Christian Toth Art features & collections include books, magazines, newspapers, galleries, websites, businesses, video games, clothing, music festivals, live art events, corporate collections, international auctions, and museums. Additional locations of extensive living & creative production include, Toronto Canada, Copenhagen Denmark, & Brazil.


For 10 years Christian was an Event Coordinator & Director of the City of Halifax’s annual 3 day Festival Hopscotch with an average of over 10,000 attendees across venue sites in Halifax & Dartmouth with a focus on large scale creative visuals, art, & murals. The demands of the role fluctuate throughout the year ranging from funding and sponsorship meetings, site procurement, and creative idea generation. Additional demands include logistical elements involved with bringing these large scale creations to life such as scheduling, permits, following health and safety guidelines, contract negotiations, and working closely with property owners, key stakeholders, and visual artists.


During the 1990's & 2000's Christian was heavily focused on filming graffiti documentaries with an emphasis on large scale visual art. He co-founded and grew a six person video production company and acting as the Producer created a number of films. Awards include best short documentary at the Denver Film Festival Festivus, as well as honorable mentions and best of awards at film festivals in Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Anchorage.


Creative projects have taken him throughout North & South America, Europe, China, South East Asia, and the Caribbean. During creative travels Christian also focuses extensively on his photography practice which has culminated in a variety of photography specific art shows and works ending up in private collections. Visit his photography section to view selected works.

Art teaching experience includes private & public schools grades primary to twelve, the IWK Children’s Hospital, week long programs at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, private classes, and workshops.

Christian is currently focused on the production of creative projects in his studio in Nova Scotia as well as selected creative client projects. His free time is spent with the majority of his immediate family whom reside in the beautiful Canadian Maritimes, friends, walking the dogs, and in the ocean surfing the endless infinite consciousness of the infinitely expanding creative universe.


Pixel Gallery – Toronto, ON
Dalhousie University Art Gallery – Halifax, NS
AMPM – ‘Group13’ – Taipei, Taiwan
AGNS Art Gallery of Nova Scotia – Ondaatje Courtyard – ‘Landid’ – Halifax, NS
Charlie’s – ‘Finding Asia’ – Toronto, ON
The Eye Level Gallery – Halifax, NS


PEM – Peabody Essex Museum – Salem, Massachusetts
Millon Associes – Maison De Ventes Aux Encheres – Auction House – Paris, France.


Art From Five Continents – ‘2 pg. spread and interview’ – Author, Nicholas Ganz
Moncton Times & Transcript - Front Page - Art feature & article
Taipei Times - Art Interview & gallery show article
Chronicle Herald Newspaper - 2 page story feature with SAJ House
Metro Halifax - Front page Art feature & article
Under Pressure Magazine Issue 13 – ‘2 pg. spread
Metro Halifax - Multiple editions & smaller art features


Roughly half of his childhood years from ages five to twenty were spent growing up in New York City which was also largely responsible for his artistic and creative development including a variety of art classes and study at The MET – Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Christian was largely inspired and also partially creatively taught by his parents whom are accomplished artists. His father, Istvan – Steven Toth is a contemporary painter with work in various collections. Studies include The National Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest Hungary, and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, in Massachusetts. His mother Catherine Arsenault is a fashion designer and former CEO of C.A.T. Fashion operating primarily out of New York City. Studies include Ryerson School of Fashion, Toronto & Dalhousie University, Halifax.

Christian’s lineage is Acadian & Hungarian carrying the surnames of Arsenault & Toth with significant relatives from and living in Dalhousie & Bathurst New Brunswick, Halifax Nova Scotia, & Budapest Hungary.

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NSCAD - Nova Scotia College of Art and Design at Selected Studies

Dalhousie University at B.comm


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